Copy. What a contained little word for something that does so much for your product or service. It teaches. Shows your empathy for your audience. And keeps them spending time with your story, which means spending time with your brand. So who best to tame this multi-tasker? Someone who juggles language. Sweats the well-hewn sentence. And even has nightmares about poorly placed commas. That’d be me.

Ideas. Coming up with them is easy. Coming up with the right ones isn’t. That’s because every brand has its own personality and scrutinizing audience. Luckily, I’m an idea hound. Give me a focused strategy and I’ll generate ideas that strike the public with a truly motivating proposition. That’d be yours.

Creatively ambidextrous, my experience ranges from packaged goods to B2B to issue awareness. I’m a one-man shop, but an omni-level thinker. Which can only be good news for your news. I work with big agencies, boutique shops and clients directly. For a chat or quote, reach out and let’s find the words and ideas you’ve been looking for.


Nice to have had my work lauded by these celebrated institutions:

• Cannes

• Clios

• Marketing Awards

• Ad & Design Club of Canada

• New York Festivals

• Hollywood Festival